18 August 2008

酷道458号で十部一峠から肘折温泉、舟形まで/ Route458 (山形) 

Sagae -(R458)- Hijiori - Funagata   63km (Yamagata pref.)

National roads with 400s-numbers are built in lower quality, narrower and runs remote area. Among them, Route 458 is notorious for exceptional hard condition and is the only "national road" which has dirt section. Also favored for remoteness and dense forest.
MTB is wise choise for this ride, but I managed with minivelo (20X1.35 tire) .

Trail along Sagae-gawa river, overlooking Mt. Gassan

R458に入る。前途を楽観させる感じの標識 Entering R458

舗装路をじわじわ登っていく Climbing on well-surfaced section

十部一峠 この先だんだんワイルドな香りが
Things get wilder beyond Juubuichi pass (24km)...

ダートキター! Dirt section starts !

鬼登りキタコレ... and haaard climb !

どう見ても林道です Looks like forest trail...

  ... But the sign insists it's the National Road

Take a rest soaking your feets in the stream

Hijiori (near 41km), the first village beyond the pass comes in sight.

Hijiori is an old spa village with traditional inns.

旧肘折郵便局 Former post office

A plateau leads to long downhill

After downhill, country road continues to Funagata, while R458 continues to Shinjo.

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